CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE FREE is a condensed version of our state-of-the-art sound library, designed to kickstart your creative journey with 20 meticulously crafted presets and a compact size of ~1.6GB.

While the full version boasts over 20GB of cutting-edge audio samples capturing the essence of cyberpunk and synthwave, CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE FREE provides a curated selection to ignite your music production. From dynamic synth leads to rumbling basses and hypnotic arpeggios, this limited but powerful collection offers a taste of the dark and futuristic soundscapes that define the genre.

Despite its smaller size, CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE FREE ensures an immersive experience with carefully selected presets. Explore a variety of sonic elements, including ethereal pads and punchy drums, allowing you to infuse your compositions with a touch of cyberpunk aesthetics.

While the free version offers a glimpse into the possibilities, the full instrument, CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE, goes beyond with over 260 patches, a 3-layer mixer, LFO-synchronized modulation, sequencable “Motion FX Slots,” and versatile effect options. The comprehensive sound library features meticulously curated samples from analog synths, guitars, real drums, electronic drum kits, glitch effects, and more, providing unparalleled depth for your music production.

Seize this opportunity to elevate your creativity with the essence of cyberpunk soundscapes. Whether you’re just starting or seeking a sneak peek into the possibilities, CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE FREE is your gateway to a neon-lit, gritty, and futuristic world of music. Don’t miss out on this inspiring instrument—download CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE FREE today and embark on a captivating musical journey.

** Note that CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE FREE requires the full version 5.8.1 or above of Native Instruments KONTAKT